Why We


Isn’t it a waste of our existence as human beings if we let a crisis to go to waste? It certainly is, and that’s the idea behind meribhadaas.com. Even a detached and cursory look around, and we find ourselves in the midst of several crises. Enough of patience and tolerance, now let’s do away with these and indulge in what we at meribhadas.com call ‘verbal assault’. You don’t have to be a victim to speak up. Raise your collective voice and let your angst, frustration, anger, and pent-up emotions come out at meribhadaas.com. Remember, it’s an opportunity to do important things that you would otherwise avoid. Meribhadaas.com has the potential to shake up the entire system, provided you all let yourself loose and give a wake up call to the powers that be.

We are all ashamed to be a man after the brutal, inhuman, horrific gangrape of a medical student in a moving bus in South Delhi. The corruption (financial, legal, moral, and the list is endless) is there simply because we keep ourselves cocooned. Break out of the shell and come to meribhadaas.com, give words to whatever you feel on any issue under the sun. Give suggestions on what needs to be done for almost everything that needs to be fixed. Feel free to write, post, blog, comment, discuss whatever you feel like as this is all about YOU and YOUR BHADAAS. And believe you us, something constructive would come out of this engagement of each one of us. Together we can and we will!