Welcome to your personal mental spa. Here you can dump your irritants, spit venom, bitch about, protest and rejuvenate. All this relaxation of senses comes with a never before offer of anonymity. Our services include platforms like bhadaas against anything and anybody under the sun, hitting in the nose of your troubles and chew the fat of your frustrations. Chat fun. Get angry (try it without abuse). Rummage. Just bhadaas it!

Mr Rajat Arora, 32, an investment banker is totally down and out. His professional life has gone for a toss and there is nothing much to write about his personal life either. He is going through the worst phase of his life and is almost at the end of his tether. And then one fine evening, he caught up with two of his closest buddies. He vented out all that clogged him inside. It’s not that the two were having anything substantial to offer to Rajat. Yet on reaching home after letting out his ‘bhadaas’, Mr Rajat Arora was feeling much better, though the problems still were very much a part of his life!

Well, there are zillions of Rajat Aroras in omnishambles today but very few can boast of close buddies. And you are doing yourself no good, but only harm by holding it all inside. The fact of the matter is that except for ourselves, we all have complaints, grudges, ‘bhadaas’ against almost everyone and everything under the sun. We don’t want you to harm yourself by holding your ‘bhadaas’. We offer you a platform wherein you can take out your ‘bhadaas’ and feel better. Feel Better,!

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