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One does not know what happened behind the bars in Tihar Jail. We all want justice for poor Nirbhaya, and all others like her...Ram Singh's act of committing suicide may have been an act of conscience or a selfish escape...but in the end, he did not have a
john ·

O’ Lovers on FB, I am so annoyed at too much of love displayed on Facebook No matter, whether your boyfriend or girlfriend really loves you or is missing you but uuff updates like – Darling, missing you. Darling, I loveeee you…I feel like really missing yo
Eric ·

Girls are girls. You can never understand them. And rules and requests, they give it a damn. Despite, announcement and the ticker reading ‘eating and drinking not allowed inside the metro,’ they will shamelessly keep on gulping down snacks. Momos, chips, b
Abung ·

Do you belong to the club of 80s born? Oh, then you are an uncle and aunt. Well, it’s not me who is saying but this is what the kiddos born on 90s think what 80s born are. In my office, I just overheard a conversation a girl (born in some 90s) talking to h
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First things first: Just forget any anti-rape law! With the kind of politicians we have, it would indeed be a miracle of sort. This is what actually happened when our esteemed leaders were discussing the anti-rape law. You seriously have to read it to beli
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And so he couldn’t take the alleged torture in jail anymore and killed himself. Bloody, he should have thought of the consequences before he raped and tortured the girl. No Rest in Peace for this bastard Ram Singh. Whether it was a murder or suicide, the f
Nelson ·

On one of my recent visit to Humayun’s Tomb (28 Feb’13) with my father and friends, as we entered the entrance gate and proceeded towards the architectural marvel, a man stopped us and told us ‘not to go from this way’. We asked him why. He replied that so
Nelson ·

The US government has named the Delhi gang-rape victim as one of the ten awardees of the International Women of Courage Award for this year. The US State Department website says: “For millions of Indian women, her personal ordeal, perseverance to fight for
alankar ·

If You Feel Overloaded With Work, Immediately Go To To The Nearest “Biological Anxiety Relief” (Bar) Center & Place Order For Any One Or More Of The Following Antidotes. 1. Work Isolating Neutralizing Extract (WINE) 2. Radioactive Un-Work Medicine (RUM
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Well nothing new... as usual there are so many differences between young and old generation.... But sometime old generation or I can say old people are more responsible for issues... Today when I was coming to office .... An old man ask me for seat well it
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