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Modiji, why not celebrate Diwali as Digital India Day?

Ever since, Modiji came to power, he has been working non-stop, sleeping only 3-4 hours a day. We are not surprised at his dedication and commitment to the people of India and how fast he wants to bring development to our country?

But, what angers me is why he is trying to play with the event calendar? Why can’t a Good Friday be celebrated as GOOD FRIDAY? Why can’t Christmas be celebrated as CHRISTMAS? His idea to observe Good Governance or ‘Digital India Day’ on such occasions will hurt the sentiments of people who observe these days?

If at all, you have to play with the list of holidays, then let’s do it for all the festivals. Let Diwali be observed as ‘Digital India Day. In fact, Diwali and Dhan (read his programme Digi Dhan Mela) go so well together. You know, what I meant Goddess Lakshmiji and DHAN!! Janmasthmi be observed as Good Governance Day, and Holi be celebrated as ‘Swatch Bharat Day’ – No splashing of colours, no wastage of water, no water balloons. They just sound perfect to me. What say, our Prime Minister?

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