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Yes, I am an ugly Indian wife

Yes, I look ugly. I dress horribly; from head to toe my body looks pathetic. You are right I look so bad and my dressing only adds to the worst of my appearance. I look ugly in all shapes and sizes. But, I am not ashamed about it. Thanks to my husband for constantly making me realise how ugly I look.

It's the story of most of Indian wives who have given up their jobs and are now working full time as housewives. And in being a housewife, she has forgotten to take care of herself. She is less concerned about her as she has a baby and a family to look after. But, you can't dare look bad. You can't go out of shape. You can't dress anything and look pathetic. To sum up for everything, you simply can't look UGLY. Family responsibility is not an excuse for your ugliness.

As told by a 'foreign' friend of mine, Indian wives are careless and look less attractive after marriage. That's why their husbands start comparing them with women in their office. How they are so sexy and beautiful and my wife - a plain  boring piece at home? That's a reason why divorces are quite common in India these days. And I think, she has a point, if you look at the number of divorces happening around.

So, dear housewives, you always have a pressure to look beautiful. You should look good, and dress properly 24/7. Love and emotions are not as important as how you look. And to keep your married life ticking, you can't look UGLY.

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