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A billion pounds? Keep dreaming, Mallya mocks India

The cheat and fraudster who owes Rs 9,000 crore bank loans to a clutch of Indian banks — money that was borrowed against the assets and brands of the now-defunct Kingfisher Airlines and on his personal guarantee, has the audacity to say ‘you can keep dreaming about a billion pounds; you cannot prove anything without facts.’

The former Kingfisher chief is mocking India, Indians and government, and unfortunately we deserve this! We live in a country where you could spend 15 years in jail for an alleged theft of Rs 274, and harassed and penalised severely for jumping the red light. However, the same system allows criminals like Mallya to escape from the country and abuse and humiliate India from the comforts of another country.  

Even the London court that heard the case took note of India’s failure so far to produce strong evidence. "Are Indians normally very prompt in their responses? They have taken six months so far and we haven't got any further forward in the past six weeks," said Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot. 

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