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Freelance is not free, mind it!

Money is money and everybody needs it.

And yet, freelancers, who are not tied to any organisation, will tell you how much they struggle to get money for the work being done by them. They submit work and then either the payment is stalled or the amount paid is way less. Even worse are the people who conveniently decide to not pay at all.

The New York City Council passed the Freelance Isn’t Free Act.

The Council acted because independent workers struggle with non-payment and delayed payment without adequate legal recourse. The Act is the first law in the United States to establish enhanced protections for freelance workers. And yet, India, with its 15 million freelancers, finds itself unable to legally protect them.

India is a relatively young economy and the changes in career trends coming our way need for us to step up our legal game to protect everyone. While the concept of freelancers happens to be pretty recent to India, the number of individuals deciding to get into the freelance business is increasing by the year. The emotional, mental and financial burden borne by the freelancers is tremendous.

It’s time India takes a cue from America, and put in place legal protection for freelancers.

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