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When I am talking to you (my colleague), please look into my eyes and talk. Do not let your eyes jog around my twin assets. I know almost every guy does that but you fucking make it so much obvious that every time I have to come and discuss something with
Sarung ·

Indian women spend more time on their smartphones watching YouTube videos and playing games as compared to men, reveals a report. The report shows that the time spent on smartphones has gone up considerably in the country, surpassing the time spent on any
Chetan ·

Spain has appointed its first Minister of Sex whose job will be to get people busy between the sheets. The government hopes to boost Spain's falling birth rate, which is one of the lowest in the developed world. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy appointed Edelm
john ·

An Israeli hitchhiker was allegedly gangraped near Manali in Kullu valley of Himachal Pradesh. The 25-year-old woman wanted to visit Kaza in Spiti valley and was offered a lift till Manali by 6 men in a taxi that did not have a number plate. She alleges th
Sanket ·

I don’t know why boss loves meetings – unnecessary meetings. Even if we are seating inside the conference, having nothing substantial to discuss, he assumes that something constructive for the company is going inside. Why doesn't he understand that these u
Ramesh ·

To hell with you and your Dal and tadkaa! Please move over from dal and tadkaa and have something plain…too much spicy means stomach upset, loose motion.Before I go on and on….let me put a disclaimer before any untoward incident: This bhadaas is not agains
aavi ·

Why do police vans use their sirens to disperse the traffic even when they are not patrolling or going to attend to something urgent? Is there no check in place for such rowdy vehicles? Are there no traffic rules, just because they have a damn police vehic
Swati ·

There are many who are always ready to give free advice. You should do this or do that. If you are genuinely concerned about me, pull me out from the pool otherwise, keep your free advice only with you.
Eric ·

I have been asked this bloody question so many times: Why don't you trust anyone? My answer is simple: 1. Because I don't know them   2. Because I know them.
alankar ·

Ohh no not again! So now these bunch of lunatics want girls not to sing. Raise your voice guys else they would turn India into Taliban. 
alankar ·
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