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Male chauvinism has no room in a civilised society and the ‘obnoxious’ act of eve-teasing affected justice and the rights of a woman, the Supreme Court has held. The apex court made this observation while dismissing a plea filed by a man who was sentenced
903 days ago
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A latest documentary on Russian leader Vladimir Putin shows that during his time as a KGB spy, he was labelled a drunken letch by his Soviet masters. According to Daily Express, he was also prepared to shoot unarmed protestors in East Germany during the pe
1697 days ago
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In line with the saffron agenda against Valentine's Day celebrations, the Raman Singh government has given standing instructions to government schools across Chhattisgarh that February 14 from now on will be observed as 'Matru-Pitru Diwas' or the 'Parents'
1715 days ago
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You can be eve teased (God knows what on earth that signifies), molested, harassed, raped. You can even be killed and hanged from a tree! All this can happen to you if you are in India, which is rightly referred as the most dangerous place for women. And t
1962 days ago
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There seems to be a communication gap between me and my boyfriend. When I try to talk to him about a problem I have (and not necessarily a problem about him) he seems to get angry and I end up crying. I wish he could try to understand what I'm having a pro
1991 days ago
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Most of the times we get into situations without taking into account the pros and cons of it. No amount of advice or suggestion would work initially but after falling in the trap, one looks up to everyone to come to the rescue. I am a witness to one such c
2010 days ago
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Srinivasan is a stubborn and shameless fellow.
Kick him out - 80%
Leave him alon - 20%
2031 days ago
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